Surrounding residence Mare e Sole

The town of Bastia, with its beautiful bluish-grey schisty roofs, surrounded by the seaside and the hills, as its founder-town Genoa, is a typical example of baroque architecture with its steep streets, discreet squares and churches with imposing facades.

Half-hour-driving from the residence: the citadel of Corte built in 1420 by Vincent Vincentello d’Istria, Viceroy of Aragon. A nice occasion to visit the Museum of Corsica.
Photo: the Genoese bridge over the river Golo (20-minutes-driving from the residence).
We are in the Castagniccia, the highlands which earns the title of “The Corsicans’ Valley”. It takes its name from the chestnut trees covering thousands of hectares. Under their foliage, plenty of villages and hamlets with schist houses, full of legends and heroes memories.
The Green Coast, starting from the village of Taglio Isolaccio to the one of Prunete, assembles 14 municipalities on 17 km of long sandy beaches.
Still in the hearth of Castagniccia, the parade of Inzecca is at half-hour-driving from the residence. In the regions of Corte, Venaco and even of Niolo, the real lords are the shepherds who walk through lands of outstanding and wild beauty.